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Everything is possible!

High-quality software, a perfectly managed IT infrastructure, and great online marketing can transform your business. To nail every one of these aspects, you need to have a professional team working with you. This is exactly what Egon Expert is all about. We work with our clients to provide unique solutions for all their IT needs. By unique solutions, we mean that we will focus on offering your business an IT solution that has been developed from scratch just for your business.

Our Background

Egon Expert was born back in 2017. This is when our founder, Rafal Skucha, saw the need to help businesses focus on their area of specialisation instead of wasting their time dealing with IT-related responsibilities. Before Egon Expert, Rafal had been heading the IT department at ShopTo.net which is one of the leading online retailers based in the UK. Egon Expert is composed of experts that Rafal has managed to connect with throughout his career.

Who Do We Work With?

We largely focus on working with medium-sized to small businesses. These are the businesses which would like to focus on the business they specialise in rather than allowing IT technicalities consume their time. At Egon Expert, we believe that everything is possible! We will help transform your business from being average to being successful.

To begin working with us, all you have to do is contact us and let us know your requirements. We will then give you a free quotation that doesn't have any obligations. Our team of experts is always ready to talk and offer advice. Therefore, feel free to contact us any time.

Team of software developers and designers discussing requirements for mobile app, eCommerce eShop or API integration.

Software Development & API Integrations
Professional solutions for your needs

We will focus on creating a unique solution for your business. We already know that there are no two different businesses which will have exactly the same needs. This is the reason we never provide off-the-shelf solutions. We first listen to our clients and then develop the solution later. This ensures the solution caters to all the needs of the client's business. We do more than just develop software. Below are the other services we offer which are related to software development:

API creation and integration tick box API Creations & Integrations

Bespoke software development tick box Bespoke Software Development

eCommerce shop tick box eCommerce Shops

Mobile apps - Android, iOS - development tick box Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)

Website development and design tick box Website Design & Development


Team of marketers discussing online marketing strategy for client, improving conversion rate and customer experience.

SEO | Social Media & Online Marketing
Treat each of your customers as individuals

Our internet marketing professionals will focus on ensuring that your business is making as many sales as possible. We will focus on determining why you are getting traffic to your website but your sales are not increasing. We will also focus on ensuring that your website is optimised for search engines in order to ensure you get more clients from the search engines. Under this service category, we will offer you a variety of other services. We have included them below:

Content personalisation tick box Content Personalisation

Conversion rate increase tick box Conversion Increase

Online marketing tick box Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation SEO tick box Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Social media integration tick box Social Media Integration

Team of marketers discussing online marketing strategy for client, improving conversion rate and customer experience.

Team of dev ops discussing client IT infrastructure maintenance strategy, optimising performance and web page load

Infrastructure & Servers Support
Performance is key

For your IT infrastructure to offer you the services it is built to offer, it has to be regularly maintained. You are supposed to focus on your business and not on maintaining the servers and the IT infrastructure. Here is where our IT infrastructure and server maintenance experts come in. We will not just focus on maintaining your servers. We will offer you full IT infrastructure related services:

Hosting in cloud and on premise tick box Hosting: Cloud & On-Premise

Servers management tick box Servers Management

Website page load optimisation tick box Website Page Load Optimisation

Load balancing and high availability tick box Load Balancing & High Availability

IT infrastructure security tick box IT Infrastructure Security


Why Do Business With Us?

The first thing you will notice about Egon Expert when you start working with us is that we will always deliver on time. In short, we are very reliable. We understand how important it is for you to get your projects completed on time. At Egon Experts, we focus on saving businesses their money. We are very cost-effective. The benefits you get from working with our team of experts will surpass what you have to pay for the services. Our team is only made up of experts. As we had mentioned earlier on, our founder has brought together all the top-talents he has met over the years while working in leading positions in IT departments for different top-rated companies. The team that will be helping you find a solution to your IT-related needs is experienced enough. You can always trust Egon Expert to come up with a perfect solution. If you are ready to start transforming your business, Egon Expert is the company to help you do exactly that. Call us, visit us, or email us. We will always be ready to start working with you.