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Check WiFi password on Windows system

Quick Tips: How to check WiFi password on Windows?

How many times you wanted to check what's the WiFi password of the wireless network your laptop is connected to? Usually once we connect to our home network we forget what the password was, well we don't need it anymore as we are already connected!

And then you have just bought new laptop or got friends or family visiting you wanting to connect to your network.

Below is a quick tip of how to check your password of the WiFi network your machine is connected to.

  1. Open Windows Command Prompt: simple cmd typed into search box do the trick


  1. Typing below command will show you all WiFi networks your system "remember" / been connected in the past
netsh wlan show profiles
  1. Once you have located name of the WiFi network (profile) for which you need the password for, type the below command:
    netsh wlan show profile <profile name goes here> key=clear

    Important part here is, "key=clear" which will show the password in clear text.


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Updated 21st July 2018 by Egon Expert Team

Posted in Quick Tips: IT Support on Jul 21, 2018